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Banking and payment services now at your doorstep

Become a Parallex Bank agent today and earn high commissions without stress.

Neighbourhood banking is easier with Parallex agents

As an agent, you can handle not just your own financial services but also provide financial services to our customers around you.

Parallex agents can provide services like cash withdrawal, deposit and transfer, bill payment, and airtime top-up. The agents will also carry pout account opening and debit card issuance services to customers anywhere and anytime without hassle.

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Features and Benefits

You can become a partner of Parallex Bank and start transacting within 48 hours, without enduring a frustrating onboarding process. Being a partner comes with a lot of benefits:

  • Instant Settlements & Cashback
  • Ongoing Revenue & Commisions
  • Variable Fee on Transactions
  • Commission on Account Opening
  • Working Capital Lending
  • Refer and Earn

Parallex Bank agent services

As a Parallex Bank agent, you are the bank's representative in the neighbourhood. As such, you are allowed to offer the following services to customers:

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Cash Deposit
  • Cash Transfer
  • Bill Payment
  • Account Opening
  • Airtime Top Up
Overview Image
Overview Image

Register as a Parallex Bank agent today!

To become one of our agents, please click the button below and fill out the registration form. A Parallex Bank agency experience manager will get in touch with you immediately.

Download App
Download App
Download App

Open and activate your unique Parallex Bank account in minutes

Beyond your own custom account number, enjoy no frustrating queues, no branch visits, no hidden charges, no maintenance fees, and up to 150 free interbank transfers monthly. With Parallex Mobile, you truly are limitless.

Download the Parallex Mobile App today to enjoy this new banking experience.